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Selecting accounting software is not easy for users, regardless of what your budget is or what type of sytem you are looking for.

It has become impossible to differentiate one accounting product from the other, especially with how todays exploding technology is adding one feature after the next.

We have researched, evaluated and purchased a unique model called Business Excellence in order to help your company's new or next accounting system selection process.

This Business Excellence Model will work with the way you run your business, not only in the accounting system processes but in many other business area's.

With the Business Excellence Model we can guide you down the path of business improvements.
StratisWare and Business Excellence Model Advantages:

Provides you with a proven unique business improvement methodology.

Complete easy to follow, software selection, installation and implementation methodology.

Comprehensive and accurate needs definition and proven fits with software.

Business Excellence reports to help you improve               every aspect of your business.

We use a comparative database of competing           accounting software which allows us to provide side by side comparisons from up to 115 products and 2,500 features to select and compare from.

These are very powerful advantages that when combined with Stratiswares 20 years plus of accounting software implementation experience will give you a service that very few of our competitors can match.

Other reasons to use the Business Excellence Model

Makes sound economic sense to prepare a needs analysis.

We subscribe to keep up with the latest ever changing financial management industry.

We can provide you with a needs definition that covers all of your potential requirements in depth.

What is the cost of failure should you not select the right software?

As an experienced consulting firm we can understand exactly what your needs are.

If you're going to spend 5-50K for a new system why not spend a fractional amount making sure the accounting system you select is really right for your company.

You have everything to gain!
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