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Lets talk about your business and what you want. We are willing listeners and willing to share our ideas in a free 30 minute collaboration session. Why are we doing this?  Because we enjoy seeing our customers succeed...having your best interests in mind is what separates us from the rest of the pack.

In today's environment, your choices are many and might even seem a bit overwhelming.  With our 20 plus years of IT consulting experience which includes planning, implementing and supporting IT systems including, networks,  accounting applications and back office packages, we can help clear up any confusions help you along your intended path.  Our free sessions will include friendly, helpful dialog intended to meet one goal....to help your business succeed!

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"StratisWare has always given us great response time, is very......... knowledgeable,  easy to work with, have excellent customer relation skills and have offered us many ideas which have saved us tons of time and money.  Thank you! "

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